• PHP (Laravel, Lumen, Slim)

  • Swift

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Time Management

  • Javascript (NodeJS, VueJS, AngularJS)

  • Data Mining

  • Database Management

  • Server Management


  • Erel Çolak
Ofix.com - Senior Frontend Developer

With very fast and analytical thinking, dominant and a very good applicant of various languages, hard working and responsible and besides, taken succes into priority rather than to win, while working due to his absolute discipline could work with a complete concentration, a very important ios, android and a web developer. Plus, as a very sensitive human being to nature and animal rights (especially animal rights) he is a kind soul. I could say that thanks to the honor of working with him, i am a success in my field of work today.

  • Volkan Sinar
Curative - Chief Technical Officer

Furkan is one of his kind characther, and this distinguishes him from the other developers in the sector. Although he is at young age, his performance/time curve is very high. In my opinion his ability to attunement and keeping up with current technologies is his most important qualification.

  • Burak Beceren
Peakode - Co Founder

Furkan as a software architecture, has a great know-how, fast thinking abikity, and a decision making set of skills. With his knowledge and suggestions, we provide the most fit solutions to our customers.

  • Can Uludağ
Peakode - Lead Android Developer

With Furkan joining our team, we have settled mobile application studio on firm basis. With his adaptive behaviour on latest technology and constant self-renewation, we had adapted to instanteneous developments. His succes determination, his love for his work, and a very quick comprehention are his most important qualifications. He gives you the comfort of succes no matter what the task is when he is in your team.

  • Gökhan Gültekin
Peakode - Lead iOS Developer

He has a very important role on developing scalable and reuseable softwares and providing the most fit solutions to our customers. He is a value for maintaining long term healthy architectural structure to our company with his quick and practical solutions.